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​With over 29 years in business, we have been able to build a reputation as a high quality custom landscape design, construction, irrigation and maintenance company.

About us...

PKM Landscape Design, Inc. was established in 1987 as a result of a life-long passion for designing and building beautiful landscapes.  As far back as a young child, I found that I was drawn to follow my father's foot steps.  I enjoyed walking the grounds of estates that my father designed and maintained.  This lead me to furthering my education in Landscape Design and Horticulture.

We are located in the Winchester, Massachusetts area. We offer all of your landscaping needs,  including Landscape Design, Landscape Construction, Property Maintenance, Plantings, Lawn Care, Irrigation,  Night Lighting, Masonry, and more.

PKM Landscape Design, Inc.

Patrick McGeoghean, President

Phone 781.721.9433

Fax 781.729.1991

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